Tutorial: Turning Points


This is a photo tutorial for the Turning Points pattern (shop for the pattern here) Enjoy!   This tutorial is done with the 6'' block. (And apologies for the state of my hands in the [...]

Countdown! Advent Calendar Tutorial


This is a tutorial for Countdown, the advent calendar pattern I designed a couple of years back. It has roomy pleated pockets instead of doors or ornaments, and goes together really quickly. Like most of [...]

Slicing, dicing… and oiling!

2023-08-16T15:21:39-07:00Reviews, Tutorial|

No, it's not a cooking/recipe post! Heavens no... it's a post about rotary cutters! Did you know that oiling them can help them roll more smoothly? Yep. Just like oiling your sewing machine. And you [...]

Get needled

2013-07-16T08:11:36-07:00Product Info, Reviews, Tutorial|

Back when I started sewing, rocks were soft, dinosaurs roamed the earth... and my sewing machine had "a needle" in it. Just a needle... any old needle. I know there must have been spares somewhere [...]

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