People write me all the time, asking for my favorite recommendations for quilty products, so I decided to collect them together in these lists for you.*


I have personally purchased and used every item 🙂 so I feel confident in recommending them

BOOKS for Art, Quilting, Embroidery, and Art History

My library is so important to me – I go there constantly for inspiration and information. This list includes quilting, quilt reference, embroidery, art history, craft history, and anything I use use to develop my patterns, my personal fine art, and my lectures.

BOOKS for Business

I’ve used a lot of the information in these books to help me run my business more efficiently.

Sewing Notions

All the things I use in my sewing practice.

Quilting Rulers

While I’m not a huge collector of specialty rulers, these rulers are the ones I use constantly

Cutting Tools

There are so many great cutters and scissors out there – these are the ones I use the most


My favorite embroidery tools include lights and stands so I keep my body comfortable while I work


These are the products I recommend to all my Embroidered Journey travelers – they are tried and tested over many trips




*Some of these links are affiliate, which means I make a commission, but you don’t pay more.