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Resolution: Decide that YOU MATTER

Sometimes I think I should stop reading the internet at year's end: the wildly mixed bag of both cautionary and encouraging articles are all well-timed pressure for Resolution Season, just in case you need to [...]

Should You Take Ambassadorships?

  Note: I often write for my industry, and this is one of those such times.  The start of a year means the announcement of new brand ambassadorships! If you've ever thought of applying for [...]

  • Lego Sam holds a wisk in her right hand and stands behind a lego table with a blue mixing bowl and a finished Christmas Pudding on it

It’s ALL Pudding!

  I’m British, and like most expats from other countries, I'm often asked to explain our cultural foods like pudding. I heard you laughing… yes, British culinary exploits have been the butt of many a [...]