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I love to teach! I’m proud to be part of the long history of women teaching handcrafts to other women. I’ve been sewing since I was 7, and quilting for over 30 years, so I know a few tips and tricks! I’m a relaxed and encouraging teacher, and love helping people grow their skills to make cool things.


My team and I have created an ever-growing catalog of recorded, on-demand classes for you to take at your own convenience and speed. These classes cover everything you need to make a successful project, from tools and fabric choices all the way to quilting suggestions. I make the entire project on camera for you to follow, and I keep no secrets! Also, all classes are closed-captioned for better accessibility.


Chunky Wee Zippy Pouches

When you take this course, Sam walks you through the whole process of making a cute zipper pouch. All it takes is eight seams – truly! Follow through the 12 step-by-step lessons to create a pouch of your own, at your own pace. All while enjoying sewing in the comfort of your own home.

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I currently teach live classes via ZOOM, and I keep them small to make sure I can give everyone plenty of help and attention.

One of the huge benefits of ZOOM classes is that you get to be comfy in your own space, using all your own tools; no schlepping that machine out of the house or sitting in uncomfortable chairs! You also get to take classes from teachers all over the world without needing to buy a plane ticket!

LIVE classes are listed in the Shop, and they’re always announced to the Inner Circle via my newsletter before they’re promoted anywhere else – so make sure you’re signed up! Scroll to the bottom of this page for the sign-up form.

My Class and Teaching Philosophy:

I believe everyone has innate artistic talent, and it’s an honor to help you find, explore, and enjoy yours.

  • I love teaching, especially sharing the building-block skills for quilting. When you get the basics figured out, everything becomes more fun!
  • I’m supportive and encouraging, and like to make sure we spend time laughing as we learn. Life is stressful enough without adding more in a quilting class!
  • Your quilt is *your* art, and you get to make it your way!
  • I’m good at finding different ways to explain things so different learning styles can be supported.
  • I don’t keep secrets. I will always tell you everything you need to know to make your project.
  • Always encourage, never discourage. I might suggest, but I seldom insist… unless you leave a blade open!
  • I won’t sew, cut, or draw on your project without your permission.
  • I rip and iron for my students (in person) and always bring the chocolate.
  • My best teaching compliment: Sam explains everything simply so everyone comprehends. She’s funny, too!
  • My tech team adds closed captioning to all our classes and videos for better accessibility.