I love to talk about art, and teach people how to make it. To hire me for a lecture, please get in touch or fill out the form below, and we’ll make it happen. I’m happy to work with you via ZOOM on an ongoing basis, and my team is happy to run the technology for you if needed. 

My goal is to make it fun to make more quilts. I’m a fun, relaxed and encouraging speaker! I’m proud to be part of the longstanding tradition of hands-on teaching of the needle arts.

FYI, I live in Portland, Oregon in the US West Coast timezone. I’m happy to accommodate different time zones for international guilds.

Classes/Workshops for individuals

I have on-demand classes for you to take at your own pace. Go here for INDIVIDUAL class info.


I currently lecture via zoom only 🙂 and I’m happy to accommodate most timezones.

NEW: How to Organize a Maximalist Craft Studio

This is a great lecture where I show you all the nooks and crannies of my studio (and all my creative storage solutions), and discuss how my studio fits my body, my habits, and how my brain thinks. We talk about making sure your space fits YOU and the way YOU think, and why minimalism doesn’t work – with live Q&A session! (ZOOM) BONUS: I can do an add-on workshop for this lecture where I do rapid-fire studio solutions with your members 🙂

NEW: What’s a Quilt Really Worth?

In this live lecture we go through what needs to be considered to price and market a quilt at a price point that pays you fairly. We cover the forces of fine art and craft, ways to answer people that want you to lower your prices, and how to overcome imposter syndrome – with live Q&A session! (ZOOM)

QUILT TALK®: The History of Word Quilts

This great lecture takes us from the 1800s to 2020, from the first signature and fundraising quilts through to present day protest art. I also include some of my personal fine art work, and talk about the stories the work is aiming to convey – with live Q&A session! (ZOOM)

The Creative Process

This lecture is about where to find inspiration and how to put it into action, with live Q&A session! I show you the development of an idea from inspiration to quilt pattern, and all the steps in between. This is great lecture for encouraging people to discover and enjoy their own creative process. (ZOOM)

Pricing for GUILDS

Lectures: $500 for a one-hour lecture (happy to do extra Q&A) for one guild (get in touch for pricing if the event is being shared by other guilds).  I’m not currently booking for 2026.

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