I love to talk about art and teach people how to make it. If you’d like to hire me to do so, please get in touch (sewsamsew@gmail.com) and we’ll make it happen. I’m happy to come to guilds, stores, retreats and mini-group gatherings. (FYI, I live in Portland, OR)

I’m a fun and relaxed speaker, and a helpful and encouraging teacher (who irons and rips seams for her students). I’m proud to be part of the longstanding tradition of hands-on teaching of the needle arts!


There’s Magic in the Lesson: Or Perfection is Overrated!                                    A trunk show of the various successes and failures of a life of making quilts and other things with a sewing machine.

Quilt Talk
A trunk show of the quilts and projects from my book Quilt Talk and the stories behind the quilts.

We Are $ew Worth It
A lecture and trunk show about calculating what you charge for making quilts, with a ton of information on how to educate your buyer.


I can teach a workshop for any of my patterns or projects from by book, Quilt Talk. I’m happy to have a conversation with you to find the best workshop fit for the interests and abilities of your group. Most patterns can be taught in a 6 hour session. Patterns, or a book discount, are provided as part of the workshop fee! Dingbats and the Chunky Wee Bag are very popular workshops, and the Oh Scrap! buckets from the book are crowd pleasers.