Close Your Blade

2017-03-27T18:48:04-07:00Musings, Reviews, Tool Crushes|

"Close your blade!" Anyone who spends any amount of time sewing with me will hear this, and hear it constantly if you're one of those people who leaves your rotary cutter open when you put it down. [...]

Slicing, dicing… and oiling!

2023-08-16T15:21:39-07:00Reviews, Tutorial|

No, it's not a cooking/recipe post! Heavens no... it's a post about rotary cutters! Did you know that oiling them can help them roll more smoothly? Yep. Just like oiling your sewing machine. And you [...]

Get needled

2013-07-16T08:11:36-07:00Product Info, Reviews, Tutorial|

Back when I started sewing, rocks were soft, dinosaurs roamed the earth... and my sewing machine had "a needle" in it. Just a needle... any old needle. I know there must have been spares somewhere [...]


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