Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions:

A link to the PDF was in the order confirmation page on the site when you bought it (immediate download) and is also sent to you via email as an invoice with a link in it. 

Please check your junk/spam folder if you don’t receive the email within an hour of ordering. If you don’t know where to find your downloads folder or junk folder, please contact the manufacturer of your device or computer for help (or ask a local teenager to give you a hand!) 

Note that you’ll also receive a second, separate email from the payment system (Paypal or Stripe) as a receipt for payment.

The PDF downloads are set for 3 accesses, and each time you open the file (regardless of if you save it) counts as one. Therefore, be prepared to SAVE the file in a safe place once you open it. This is so that you ALWAYS have access to the product you purchased!

The first page of the pattern tells you this, too, and you can delete that first page from the PDF once you have it saved in your library. It’s not possible for me to test every combination of tablet, phone, or computer and software to make sure they all work, so please take a few minutes to learn how your computer or device saves files before purchasing PDFs.

Please send me your invoice number, and I’ll reset the permissions for three more tries – and make sure you know how to save your file before you download again!

My shop is not capable of collecting the data needed to comply with European VAT filing laws. However, I have my patterns set up at a site that manages that beautifully and you can shop there instead.

All sales are final.

If your product arrived in damaged condition, please email me at with a photo of the damage. I’m happy to replace items damaged in shipping.

First, check the Errata/Updates page to make sure you have the latest version of the pattern. If that doesn’t cover the suspected error, then please let me know. I’ll have my tech editor research it, and we’ll come up with a correction.

The mail is running REALLY slowly right now. Please allow 30 days to receive your order. I’m sorry… if you find this as frustrating as I do, please write your federally elected representatives to ask them to get the Post Office service back on track again as it’s critical to small businesses like mine.

If you need to write me about an order, please include your order number, and your mailing address – sometimes things go missing because of a discrepancy in addresses!

Please feel free to buy my products for your event – I can offer you a discount on your purchase! I’d be thrilled to have your support!