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Here is a list of the various posts of We Are $ew Worth It (WASWI).

There are many aspects to calculating value and claiming it, from the raw math of tracking your hours, to the ethical choice to not photocopy a pattern for a friend (psst… that’s called stealing) and you’ll find those posts listed here.

What’s it worth?

This morning I caught a post on a quilting Facebook feed... a member posted a picture of a delightful baby quilt and asked what she should charge the neighbor that just asked to buy it [...]

What’s it worth? Part 2 – A Bigger Picture

Last November I dashed off a blog post about calculating the value of a handmade quilt. At the time, it got modest attention, but in January the post saw a flurry of views, most of [...]

WASWI – Sticking Together

I spoke at the Westside Quilter's Guild last week, in Hillsboro, OR - a fantastic group of ladies and gents. I received many lovely hugs from the members, as well as a treat of chocolates! Thank [...]

WASWI: “But I don’t need the money”

It's exciting to see the topic of selling handcrafted items for decent money rise up in the consciousness of our industry. I believe that the more we talk about it, the better it will be for [...]


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