There have been some great discussions out on the interwebs, of late, covering some thoughts on pricing and working for free. These are definitely worth your time!

First: Karen McTavish on the Crafty Planner Podcast. At about minute 42, Sandi and Karen start discussing the pricing for long-arm services. Karen makes her version of the point I’m always trying to make: When you undercut yourself, you undercut EVERYONE. She believes that as you get better, you should raise your prices, then the new folks coming up behind you can earn a decent rate too. AMEN.

The rest of the podcast is great also, as Karen talks about her unlikely journey to being the Karen McTavish – and she’s a funny lady to boot!

Second: This WONDERFUL video shows how nuts it is to be asked to work for free in other industries outside of the arts. In two and a half very short minutes, the point is beautifully made, especially by the old chap in the restaurant! There are some great points about being a professional who gets paid for their time, and keeping ownership of one’s intellectual property.

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