I’m not usually one for resolutions – I prefer to build habits when I notice I need them. Nor am I one for “my word of the year” choices – there are so many luscious words… how could I possible choose between them?! If I was forced to choose, it would probably be MAKE, but that’s more of a lifelong thing, not a yearly thing!

That said, I find myself predictably reflective as New Year approaches, and as I thought about what I would wish for YOU, dear friends, it turned into the following list:

  1. I hope you make yourself something this year. We spend SO much time making for others that we seldom keep a single thing. I hope you track down a pattern that you adore, and custom-make yourself something that will make you feel loved every time you see it.

    This one is for ME!

  2. I hope you take care of your power tool/sewing machine by changing the needle regularly. While you’re at it, keep it oiled and de-fuzzed, too.
  3. I hope you change the blade in your cutter regularly. If you need to lean into it harder, or the cutting sound is harsh (rather than a smooth “swish”) it’s time. Sometimes your blade grinds because it needs to be oiled. But most of the time it’s because it’s dull. The safety of your hands is worth it!
  4. I hope you learn something new. Take a class, watch a tutorial, or treat yourself to a new book – but try something that builds your skills. Bonus points for taking a class with a friend or two and sharing the day (and some chocolate) with them!
  5. I hope you help a newbie. We seasoned makers are the keepers of this craft, and it will survive if and because we pass it to the newcomers. Take time to be welcoming to the new quilters at your guild or store, and cheer on their projects, regardless of the seam allowances or color choices. Don’t perpetuate a mean girls club of snotty superiority… be an encouraging resource!
  6. I hope you make one thing for charity. It could be a small NICU quilt, or a knitted hat for a preemie. It could be a big, bright quilt for a kiddos camp. It could be a simple lap quilt for your local seniors outreach program. The recipients of these gifts are so very appreciative.
  7. I hope you have a fabric purge. Take an afternoon to work through your stash, and pull every last one of the “what was I thinking?” fabrics. Include threads and weird notions. Get your sewing friends to do the same, and have a swap. Send anything left over to Project Linus (who make charity quilts).
  8. I hope you abandon any project that doesn’t thrill you anymore. I know you have a few UFOs, and I know some of them are worth the effort to finish. I’m talking about the ones that aren’t. Sort through them, and let a few go (send them to Project Linus with your purged fabric). Make space for something new (see 1 and 4!)
  9. Now that you have more room in your studio, I hope you go shopping (perhaps for the new quilt you’ll be making for yourself!) Take the time to love your local quilt stores by spending a little money there. We NEED these stores for the survival of our industry, so take time to help them out with a purchase, and a kind smile. They might also enjoy some chocolate 🙂
  10. I hope you take a moment to reflect on how special a talent it is to sew. The next time you sit at the machine, thread it, set up a 1/4 inch seam and get to sewing, take a moment to savor all you have learned, and all you command when you do this. Yep, it’s special.

Wishing you the best that a New Year can offer!