A Stash Reduction method that still supports your local quilt store

The beginning of a new year always brings out resolutions to use up your fabric stash and buy nothing

Stash reduction is a noble goal, but let’s be realistic… how many of us can actually pull it off?

May I suggest, instead, a way to do it that allows you to still buy a little fabric? After all, if we don’t support our stores they won’t be there for us when we need them!

Grab a small notebook or journal to keep close to your fabric (or you can use this cute stash reduction download!)

Stash tracking worksheet download with orange watercolor

Every time you use up fabric, write it down, and keep a running total of how much you used (use the fabric requirements from your patterns as estimates)

Every time you buy fabric, write this down too, and keep a running total. See below for my friend Kory’s fabric page in her bullet journal!

Try to keep the “bought fabric” total smaller than the “used fabric” total: just buy a little less than you use.

At the end of the year you will have reduced your stash AND supported your locals stores.


At the end of the year you will have reduced your stash and supported your local stores. Win-win!

P.S. You can also cull your stash to donate to your local charity sewing program like Project Linus – it all goes in the “used” column. Another WIN-WIN!