I’m trying to get a movement started. I know… it’s a pretty big-for-my-yoga-pants idea, but hey… as they say, go big or go home, right? So I think I’ll aim for BIG.

Having said that, I can’t do this by myself, so I’ll need your help.

Auntie Sam

As you know – I keep talking about the value of art and craft, the value of what we artists, artisans, quiltmakers, sewists, and craftsters make. And I firmly believe we are not only being underpaid, but along with it, undervalued.

So I’m starting a movement – this foray has a tab of its own on the site (look up and right it you are reading this on the blog). If you’re reading this elsewhere catch it here.

HDS Sew Worth It LOGO

I’m asking you to get on board for educating our buyers that what we make, these beautiful handcrafted objects, have value. That the skills we have developed as makers have value. And that we deserve to be paid accordingly.

And then we’ll see where this goes next. I’m looking forward to becoming the poster child for this movement, and I’m hoping that you’ll all come along for the ride with me.


Sew Worth it button in hand