I was paper-piecing in the studio last week, and ran into that pesky problem of getting one of the bottom pieces folded back on itself ONE TOO MANY TIMES. Harrumph. Nothing like holding the seam ripper endlessly to make you reach for the chocolate. Mind you… like I need an excuse to reach for the chocolate 🙂

So as I munched on said chocolate (the wonderful 70% Super Smooth Belgian Mini Bars from Trader Joe’s) I pondered a way to end the “under-folding.” Not that I like having problems to solve, but I find solving these kind of puzzles fun.

I thought that a slicker surface might help – slick enough that nothing at all could drag the fabric and pull it out of place. And lo and behold, I just happened to have a Supreme Slider*  in the studio.


They are designed to give you a more slippery surface when doing free-motion quilting, but lo and behold, they do the same for paper-piecing.


I put the edge right up in front of the feed dogs and yep… worked like a charm. I might even buy a second one and cut out the feed dog hole to fit. The only downside I’ve found thus far is that I can’t see the bobbin run out (it’s a top loader) – but even when I can see it I forget about it until I’ve sewn a mile or two on empty, so that hardly registers as a complaint.



OK… back to the studio! What are your favorite paper-piecing tricks?


*I’m not a rep for the Supreme Slider – just a fan!