All HDS patterns are tested by a wonderful and talented group of my quilting friends, so by the time they reach you they should be free of errors. That said, if you find one, be sure to email me ( so I can sort it out.

The version number of each pattern is on the back cover in the lower left corner.

Any known errata are listed below:

Chunky Wee Zippy Pouches – HDS.030.v1 – The steps were numbered with the number 2 omitted (oops!). No errors, just the mis-numbering! The steps are sequentially numbered properly in the version labeled HDS.030.v2. HDS.030.v1 and v2 – The corner cut out for the Pencil Case on p5 (Step 3B, halfway down the page) should be 1/2” instead of 3/4” (the 3/4” version will be tall and skinny, the 1/2” version is square at the ends). This is fixed in the version of the pattern labeled HDS.030.v3.

Fast Fourteen – HDS.018.v1 – Page 4, Step 6, 7th Bullet. Should read “From the long strip cut 2 @ 2 1/4’’ x 51’’ and sew these to the top and bottom of the quilt top.” This is fixed in the version of the pattern labeled HDS.018.v2.

Who’s the Bad Guy? – HDS.016.v1 – Page 6 has some corrections (none of which requires extra fabric!). Page 7 – the instructions for the dot for J on the dome should read 3 1/4” just like the drawing. Print these pages to substitute: HDS.016.v3 – Whos the Bad Guy – Page 6 and 7 Errata. These are fixed in the version of the pattern labeled HDS.016.v3.

WOOF – HDS.015.v1 – Page 1 has a cutting error – piece B should be 3 1/2” x 6 1/2”. And in the exploded diagram on page 2, the small F pieces to the right and left of the A’s should be labeled E (leaving F for the long strips in the center of the hydrant). These are fixed in the version of the pattern labeled HDS.015.v2.

Relatively Dimensional – HDS.020.v1 – Page 3 has a cutting error – Step 3 Top Band 2, under Medium Blue. The last cut should read: Cut 1 strip 2 1/2’’ x WOF, Subcut 2 @ 6 1/2’’ x 2 1/2’’for K. This is fixed in the version of the pattern labeled HDS.020.v2.

Both HDS.020.v1 and HDS.020.v2 – Page 5 has a cutting error – Step 4A Body Window Panels, under Dark Blue. The third cut should read: Subcut 4 @ 1 1/4” x 81/4” for D. This is fixed in the version of the pattern labeled HDS.020.v3.

HDS.020.v1, HDS.020.v2, and HDS.020.v3 – Page 1 has a cutting error – Step 1 Lantern, under Background. The fourth cut should read: Subcut 2 @ 2 1/4” x 1” for J. This is fixed in the version of the pattern labeled HDS.020.v4.

Chunky Wee Bag – HDS.013.v1 – Page 2 has a discrepancy in the sizes to cut for the Bag to Strap Connectors: the cutting dimension for the fabric and fleece do not match. It doesn’t matter which you choose (see what works best from your scraps) but make them both the same! This is fixed in the version labeled HDS.013.v2.

Stix – HDS.024.v1 – The Page 6 title reads “3C… CENTER SECTION”. It should read “3C… RIGHT SECTION. This is fixed in the version labeled HDS.024.v2.

Dingbats! – HDS.007 – The version labeled HDS.007.v3 now includes a Supplemental Cutting Chart for Using Striped Fabric (as well as come cosmetic formatting updates!) You can download the supplement here if you have an earlier version.

Countdown – HDS.011 – the version labeled HDS.011.v2 contains some cosmetic updates (and a new cover!) but no corrections.

Bloomin’ – HDS.019.v1 – Page 3, second to last sentence should read “Cut 2 @ 4 1/2’’ slices of strata for 2 Large Right Leaves” (instead of Left).

Page 5, in the second group of cuts under 21 1/2”, the last cut should read “1 @ 21 1/2’’ x 5 1/2’’ and trim to 18 1/2’’ x 5 1/2’’ for E (instead of 2)

Page 7, Flower 3 section, the last sentence should read “Sew T to the left of Flower 3 and U, leaving the seam OPEN above the X in the drawing” (instead of right).

These three errors are corrected in the pattern labeled HDS.019.v2