My trusty testers and I have been trying out some new pattern ideas that include paper piecing. I like to use paper piecing when I need accuracy in small places, although I can find it a bit long-winded at times. The best cure for long-winded sewing that I know of is sewing with friends… somehow a project that, if done solo, might make you want to run screaming for the hills is a pleasant afternoon’s sojourn when done in the company of people you like hanging with. Add some chocolate and laughter and the afternoon turns into satisfying play.

We were playing with some words, and I missed printing one of the letters that morning before heading to my friend’s home. I at least had the PDFs with me… no problem, says friend, running to her office with the jump drive. Two minutes later we were looking at the pattern for the missing letter. Which was almost a full quarter inch shorter than the ones made by my printer at home. Hmm.

We solved the problem by tracing an existing pattern onto scrap paper – we are, after all, a resourceful bunch. But good to find out that all printers are not created equal during a test drive and not at a higher stakes moment. And duly noted for the tips in the pattern.