Sew Sassy Buttons are here!

I’m really excited about these… I had the idea that the button world was missing some sassy sewing sayings, and so polled my Sew Sistas* and came up with some ideas.

Adobe Illustrator and I went on another date – we’ve had a long and complicated relationship… on again, off again… (we’re pretty tight at the moment and getting along quite nicely… well, until the next time I can’t find something in the dang tool box). I chose inch-and-a-quarter for the size because I could actually see it without my glasses. did the honors – a great group of folks to work with. And voila!

Anyway… these lovelies will be making a debut at the Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds this weekend, and will definitely be with me at Long Beach. I’ll have them up on Etsy next week so watch this space. They are in the shop!

*The Sew Sistas – my lovely group of sewing friends that kindly listen to my latest wild ideas and usually encourage me anyway! Thank you ladies! You know who you are :-)

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